Science, Ethics and Politics

We call on scientists, physicians and practitioners to participate in a newly created independent knowledge platform under the guise of Sovereign Review.

Please send us your reports, opinions and evaluations to

The concept and principle of the Sovereign Review is based on the principles and principles of the globally recognized Chochrane Reviews. Funding and organisation in the independent hands of the Union’s sovereignty ensures that no authorities, NGOs, politicians or large corporations can distort scientific work.

While the Cochrane Reviews implement an extremely wide range of scientific work, Sovereign Review plans to focus on the systematic review as well as the evaluation of scientific work that is used for the ethical assessment of political and social measures.

It is completely unacceptable that politicians and authorities decide what is right and wrong science, which scientists are correct or contradictory in accordance with the system. Science is an ongoing discourse and it is not judged qualitatively by whether politicians use an alleged scientific consensus or not.

The corona pandemic has shown that especially people with chronic pre-existing conditions of metabolic syndrome with obesity and diabetes account for up to 80% of hospitalizations. It can be assumed that the immunological consequences of this syndrome are the causes. The importance of human native immunity has been deliberately reduced to achieve high vaccination rates. We see a comprehensive failure of the medical responsibility of the authorities and the science used.

A comprehensive review of the pandemic data, the conclusions drawn from it, the consequences of not treating infected people, the real effect of non-medical measures, the long-term consequences of deferred treatments, the assessment of mRNA vaccine studies and the denied side effects are core topics of the Sovereign Review.

The current scientific situation of primarily preventive measures to improve individual health through nutrition and lifestyles is massively distorted by political and economic interests. The treatment of chronic diseases deals almost exclusively with the drug setting of patients without making sufficient use of the existing possibilities for correct prevention and cure.

We need a broad participation of science from all areas in order to counterbalance the politicized scientific results.

In order to create the basis of the information, as well as to document the direction, the editors have already backdated many studies of the last 12 months in the list. If anyone has any comments, additions or objections, please send them to Sovereign Review.